Vienna Declaration dated 6th of December 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Many colleagues did already sign the Vienna Declaration dated 6th of December 2014 and we thank you all for your support. The list of supporters is increasing and we kindly invite all of you who did not already sign the declaration to follow our invitation.

The Vienna Declaration dated 6th of December 2014 was initially signed by all attendees of the Round Table «Crisis in the Ukraine — psychotherapeutic approaches“ and conveys the conviction and position for Psychotherapy in armed man made disasters, such as the Crisis in Ukraine.

You can support the declaration easily by using that direct link:
You just need to click on the yellow button «Click here to sign the declaration».

Every support is highly appreciated. You are also welcome to forward that invitation for support to your colleagues.

With much hope for peace and repair

Annette Kreuz
External Relations Officer EAP

Prof. Dr. Alfred Pritz
General Secretary EAP
Rector SFU 

European Association for Psychotherapy
Head office
Schnirchgasse 9A/4/410
A-1030 Vienna

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