Поздравления от Маниже Пезешкиан

Позитивная психотерапия в УкраинеDear friends,

we wish you happy holidays, merry Christmas, a peaceful end of the year and all the best for the new year!

On this occasion we would like to thank you for your support, cooperation, active contribution and scientific work in the field of Positive Psychotherapy.

One of this year’s highlights was the 6th World Congress of Positive Psychotherapy in Turkey, where we could witness the wonderful development of the method founded by Nossrat Peseschkian and continuously developed further with your support.

We are looking forward to celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Peseschkian Foundation in 2015.

As Nossrat Peseschkian liked to say – “Life is too short for a sad face” – we send you a short film accompanied by some music.

Kind regards,

Manije Peseschkian and team

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