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Crisis in the Ukraine — psychotherapeutic approaches

Dear colleagues,

it is a pleasure for me to invite you to to a round table ? Crisis in the Ukraine — psychotherapeutic approaches“ organized by the European Association for Psychotherapy in collaboration with the Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna (SFU) on December 5th and 6th, 2014.

Well-known psychotherapists from all over Europe will be invited.
Alfred Pritz (EAP General Secretary, SFU Rector from Vienna, Austria), Eugenijus Laurinaitis (EAP President from Lithuania), Ivana Slavkovic (EAP Registrar, Serbia), Mikhail Reshetnikov and Victor Makarov from Russia and Anna Schor Tschudnowskaja (Austria/Russia) will be among the speakers.
Heidemaria Gürer, from the Austrian Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs will open the round table on Friday at 5.00 pm.

It is a pleasure for me to announce that Vienna´s mayor invites all participants to a cocktail party in the historic Vienna Town Hall on Friday, December 5th, 2014 starting at 8:15 pm.

Attached please find the program, if you are planning to participate, please register with Sonja Wirgler at eap.headoffice@europsyche.org

Sincerely Yours

Alfred Pritz
EAP General Secretary

Schnirchgasse 9A/4/410
1030 Vienna
Tel: +43 69915131729

Обращение Маниже Пезешкиан к Украинским коллегам

Письмо получено Владимиром Карикашом (Директор Украинского Института Позитивной психотерапии) 24 июля 2014 года
Приводим оригинальный текст:
„The world is but one country and mankind its citizens“.
Dear Friends and Colleagues of Positive Psychotherapy in Ukraine,
The political situation in many parts of the world is very difficult and challenging at the moment. As therapists you are working for the well-being of mankind. We hope very much that you and all the Ukrainian people will soon have peace and harmony again in your country.
We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you during the World Congress in Antaly in November this year.
With best wishes and warm regards,
Manije Peseschkian